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The bicoloured large-flowered rose Cupcake from breeder KordesRoses is available at the auction house FloraHolland. The name Cupcake is chosen because of the beautiful “sweet” colour combination of this new rose. Cupcake excels in performance, nice shiny leaves, good transport properties and shelf life. Be convinced by the impressive performance of this lovely pink rose.

Cupcake is grown by Sjaak van der Hulst Rozenkwekerij bv.

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Usage instructions for roses
  • Use a clean vase. A glass vase is better than earthenware because glass is not porous.
  • Place a earthenware vase out after cleaning for a night with water and some chlorine.
  • Take cold water and always use Chrysal (dietary sugar). Fill the vase completely with water.
  • Remove a leaf that comes in the water and the cut the stem diagonally.
  • Make sure that the roses are never exposed to direct sunlight. They cannot stand it.
  • Roses use a lot of water, so refill regularly.
  • For the long-term comfort of the roses it is good to put them somewhere cooler at night.
  • Do not put the vase in the proximity of fruit.