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Ballerina Summerhouse is a new rose in our extensive ange of beautiful roses. Thinking of a ballet dancer in a pink tutu. The rose is cut completely opend and has a very long vaselife.

This rose is planted spring 2021 and spring 2022 at Sjaak van der Hulst Rozenkwekerij bv at a limited area. This year there will be a varying supply from the yeong plants. Due to the second planting the amounts of roses wil be more regulair.

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Usage instructions for roses
  • Use a clean vase. A glass vase is better than earthenware because glass is not porous.
  • Place a earthenware vase out after cleaning for a night with water and some chlorine.
  • Take cold water and always use Chrysal (dietary sugar). Fill the vase completely with water.
  • Remove a leaf that comes in the water and the cut the stem diagonally.
  • Make sure that the roses are never exposed to direct sunlight. They cannot stand it.
  • Roses use a lot of water, so refill regularly.
  • For the long-term comfort of the roses it is good to put them somewhere cooler at night.
  • Do not put the vase in the proximity of fruit.