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About us

Van der Hulst Rozenkwekerijen in Meterik consists of three modern rose nurseries which have specialialised in the supply of the large-flowered, high-quality rose. The companies are: M&D van der Hulst RozenPaul van der Hulst Rozenkwekerij and Sjaak van der Hulst Rozenkwekerij.

As you can see from the name we are a family business. In 1975 Sjaak began cultivating roses in Den Hoorn together with his wife Cleta.

In 1992 they moved to North Limburg with their four children. There they continued with a new business, that has now expanded to about 9 ha, spread over three locations close to each other.
Sjaak runs the business with the whole family. Each of the three sons, Mark, Koen and Paul, is responsible for a company. The shop at the house is developed by Cleta. The administration is organised by daugther Linda and daughters-in-law Kim and Dorothea.


But we can’t do that alone! The company has about 75 full and part timers working. In addition there are about 100 high school and college students for the weekends and holidays.

It is family business where cooperation, handicraft and quality are of the highest priority. All three of the companies follow the guidelines of MPS-A and MPS-GAP. In all locations considerable experience has been since gained with integrated crop protection. In this as much as possible use is made of organic enemies such as the predatory mite. We participate in the promotion project of the Dutch rose: Rosebrandt.

Rose cultivation

At each company only some types are grown, whereby the perfect growing conditions are created to cultivate high-quality roses. The roses are grown in a “peaceful manner”, with the result that beautiful and sturdy roses are harvested.

In the last few years hard work has been done to get the breeding package to a higher level. Complete focus is on better, more-sustainable and better-looking, large-flowered roses.  We also pay attention to fragrance.

Quality has the highest priority in all departments of the operations. This all aims at the consumer enjoying our roses to the greatest extent possible.

Our roses are sold at the auctions of FloraHolland and Plantion, where they are delivered fresh daily. In addition you can buy our roses in our shop.