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Contact us directly: +31 (0)77 4642097

Our shop


Monday to Friday 8.00 – 16.30 h.
Saturday 8.00 – 13.00 h.

Monday 12 february 8.00-13.00 h.

Roses vending machine
You can buy roses 24/7/365 at our roses vending machine! (card only).

Orders: 077-4642097 (at least an hour in advance)
Orders: (at least a day in advance)

The shop address of the Van der Hulst Rose Nurseries is:
Hazenkampweg 25
5964 PE Meterik

Our assortment

The rose is the “The queen of the flowers”. The best is to buy a rose directly at the business where it is cultivated. That is possible at the largest greenhouse rose nursery in Limburg, namely Van der Hulst Rozenkwekerijen. We grow ten rose varieties in large numbers and in addition we cultivate a large number of species on “trial”.



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How we sell

  • 1st type of rose you can buy in any desired quantity.
  • 2nd type of rose in quantities of 20.
  • Upon request we pack the roses as a present, but do not make a bound bouquet. The packaging consists of transparent foil. We have various coloured ribbon and card types. You get special Chrysal for roses with every bunch of roses.
  • We do not strip off leaves, that damages the stems too much, you have to put roses one by one in the vase and cut the stem diagonally.
  • Orders can be placed by telephone number +31 (0)77 4642097, not by email.
  • You can buy gift certificates and oases from us.
  • Payment in cash or with bank card. Receiving an invoice is possible.
  • Guarantee: Roses are a natural product, so the shelf life can differ, depending on the cultivation and weather conditions. If your roses have lasted less than a week and are no longer good, and you have handled them according to the usage instructions, then you can take the bunch with you and you get a new one from us of the same kind. If you are not satisfied, tell us.  If you are satisfied, tell others.